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Yoga on Pemaquid Beach Saturdays at 12 noon!

$15 per class

Drop-ins Welcome!


As we still battle COVID, Maine Outdoor Yoga will be hosting the following Zoom classes, accepting donations only to ensure that everyone is able to attend!

Donate via Venmo

Sarah Plummer





Barre offers an effective total body workout!

focused on low-impact/high- intensity movements that improve strength and flexibility for every body.  You will need a chair, weights and a mat.




Tabata is a way to train your body to reach new heights in your fitness.

It's quite simple. Tabata is an equation:

20/10 x 8 = 4.

The 20 stands for seconds of work

 the 10 stands for seconds of rest and

the 8 represents the number of rounds performed. The sum of the equation equals four minutes of intense exercise. You will need two sets of weights and a mat.


Saturday noon LIVE on Pemaquid Beach

Tuesday 6-7am

Perfect for all levels!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Integrating movement and breath, this class is suitable to all ages and abilities. 

Welcome to

Maine Outdoor Yoga


Thank you for visiting!  

I am blessed to be able to do what I love and am truly inspired by sharing this passion with others!  I look forward to introducing you to Yoga and showing you how it will feed your soul, mind and, body!   


I offer a plethora of classes to suit all ages and abilities. Whether in a class on the beach with the ocean surf in your ears, or on a paddle-board gently swaying in the water, or snowshoeing to a fire in the woods for some Yoga and wine.  Groups and Private lessons are offered. I also teach some great local classes in Spin and Cardio!


My Mission


To inspire you to connect to nature and reach your potential in mind, body, and spirit through healthy living 

What People Say

This summer I had the unique pleasure of regularly practicing  beach yoga led by Sarah Plummer.    Her specialty is a well paced vinyasa flow.  She offers variations of poses for multiple skill levels.    She extends exercise beyond four walls emphasizing nature’s glory in the practice of yoga.  


Amy Flanagan


Went to the first class of the season and it was terrific. Sarah makes it work for experienced and novice participants.  Great music selections.  You cannot beat the setting - the exquisite Pemaquid Beach!

Harriett Wall

I've enjoyed taking yoga classes with Sarah as she has a calm demeanor and positive attiftude and flow to ther classes.  She is also knowledgeable and helpful while keeping the classes fun!

Michelle Fink

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